BDPC is a specially formulated line of organic shampoo and conditioning products designed for the canine "beasts" in your life.  

To me the phrase "man's best friend" is no exaggeration. Over the years, my dogs have truly provided happiness, love and companionship. In return for giving their best, I wanted to give them my best.  

Incorporating my years of experience bathing 9 dogs and 2 horses, I have developed, what I believe, to be the most effective line of shampoos, conditioners and pomades, all imbued with aromatherapeutic oils.


That's why I developed BDPC - a unique line of the finest pet care products available today.

A goal of mine has been to keep my dogs clean enough to sleep on the bed with me, and now they can!

A portion of all sales from Bless the Beasts will be donated to charities that support our military service dogs.